Amazon’s Fire TV sticks continue to attract fans, from Amazon Prime subscribers to those who don’t want a great big set-top box lurking around their nice TV set. 

Key Features

  • 8GB of memory.
  • HDMI port.
  • Wi-Fi enabled.
  • Support for 4K screens.
  • Apps include BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube and more

One step down: Same price and Roku offers much the same content with 4K and without the Amazon hard sell

Roku Premiere HD / 4K / HDR Streaming Media Player (£29) 

Next step up: Go 4K for just £10 and the latest Amazon tricks

Fire TV Stick 4K Ultra HD with Alexa Voice Remote (£39)


The Amazon Fire TV Stick range keeps growing and the Lite models are here to provide the essential functions for a slimmed-down product. We still get the natty remote control and Alexa, and inside the tiny HDMI stick is 50% more processing power than the 2019 model. 

Press and hold the Voice button and Alexa can find the shows you want to watch, saving you navigating apps and search menus. She also helps play music, read the latest news and weather or help you with other queries. 

However, the Lite model does skip on some features, For example, The Fire TV Stick 2020 provides full Dolby Atmos Audio while this Fire TV Stick Lite provides the most basic Dolby Audio, and even then only via pass-through HDMI. 

For anyone on a budget, this is a great way to boost the power of that non-smart HDTV, providing access to Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV, Now TV and other services. 

 The video provides support for HDR titles with Dolby Audio for more recent content, and for the money is a genius investment for other screens around the home to make them smarter and keep the family entertained and away from your main screen. 



  • Tiny, versatile and powerful and great for second-screens around the home


  • Video and audio quality depends on your broadband speed and general performance


4.8 out of 5 based on 1,076 reviews

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