As the robot army of cleaners continues to take over homes, there are plenty of places that they don’t reach. Places where an easily convertible vacuum like the Dyson Animal is excellent at keeping the home clean. The new V7 offers all the latest features and power for where bots fear to roll. 

Key Features

  • Weight 2.2kg.
  • Dust capacity 0.54 litre
  • Size H124.3, W25, D21cm.
  • Running time from 6 minutes to 30 mins, takes 3.5 hours to fully charge
  • HEPA filter
  • Motorised floor head and pet tool included.

One step down: Great for cleaning up pet hairs without the cost or wider flexibility

Shark CH950UKT Cordless Handheld Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner (£59)

One step up: More power and up to an hour’s cleaning

Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner (£399)


Your first impression might be “six minutes!” when looking at the specification. Yet, if you just need to run around the stairs and parts of a house that your robot vacuum or main traditional cleaner can’t reach, six minutes at full power is probably all you need. It works on all surfaces, but will find particular use on the stairs and reaching up high for curtains or low for dust traps. 

Then you can stick it in the wall-mounted charger until you next need it. The Animal is pretty light, but feels solid, weighing 2.2kg, with all the accessories to reach high and low, in nooks and crannies. A twist-and-lock mechanism means you can reach pretty much anywhere without bending down or crawling around. 

There are four cleaning tools included with a combi and crevice tool to clean surfaces, edges and to get into narrow gaps. The mini motorhead is good for pet owners to help get the fluff out of furniture and animal beds. Finally, a soft dusting brush will lift light dust from your surfaces.

Within the main unit, Dyson’s clever motors and Direct Drive power help push the heads deep into carpets to get at the ground-in dirt and not just pull fluff off the top of a surface. 

The hygienic bin is easy to empty without getting dirty or sending dust around the room. It can store around half-a-litre of dust, which is pretty much twice what your typical robot vacuum can suck up.  

Finally, certified asthma and allergy-friendly, the Animal is good for those with breathing or irritation issues to help keep the home clean and them healthy. 



  • Great for quick run-arounds and cleaning hard to get areas
  • Good for people with health and mobility problems


  • Needs a long time to recharge between uses, so not a primary vacuum


4.8 out of 5, based on 631 reviews

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