Key Features

  • Size H142.0, W55.0, D58.0cm
  • 163 litres storage across 6 compartments
  • White

One step down: For smaller kitchens or storage areas, this is an ideal smaller freezer

Bush M5585UCFR Under Counter Freezer - White (£169)

Next step up: Packs in more of the features and flexibility for a modern kitchen

Beko FFP1671W Tall Freezer - White (£389)


When moving to a new home or flat, or redeveloping the kitchen, one of the first things on the shopping list is the white goods for the kitchen. Bush continues to offer a range of decent value freezers to help reduce some of the sticker shock. 

A single-door unit at only £259, it doesn’t pack in all the features that some offer like an internal light or a frost-free mechanism, but you can reverse the door to open the other way if needed. But for the primary role of keeping food frozen, it does that just as well as more illustrious brands or models, making it a great primary or secondary freezer. 

The freezer has a mechanical control, rather than an electronic one, and no readout, so you might want to invest in a thermometer. Other than that, it can sit in your kitchen, happily keeping everything icy in the six deep compartments, until required. And it will fit in with most other white goods in any room.



  • Plenty of space and compartments
  • Simple controls


  • Few of the smarter features that some other freezers offer


4.8 out of 5 based on 63 reviews

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