The microwave may have lost its lustre in the kitchen as people swoon over the latest coffee makers, smoothie blenders or dedicated pizza ovens. Even so, microwaves remain an indispensable part of most kitchens, even if they are tucked away in the corner. The Morphy Richards simplifies the microwave concept to make preparing food and meals quick and convenient, always ready for the call to action. 

Key Features

  • 800w microwave
  • 5 power settings
  • Simple timer/defrost dial 
  • Size H25.81, W34, D43.95cm.

One step down: Save £10 for just a little less power and smaller oven space. 

Cookworks 700W Standard Microwave

Next step up: Looks more stylish in all-black and plenty of buttons and programmes if you need more features. 

Morphy Richards 900W Standard Microwave P90D23EL-B8  (£89)


From microwaving the vegetables for a roast or reheating last night’s pizza, the microwave is a sturdy friend in any kitchen. The Morphy Richards 800W Standard Microwave looks ready for action in black and stainless steel. 

It can prepare your meals or reheat food and drinks quickly thanks to its 800-watt power. The 20 litre capacity is enough to handle most dishes, while the turntable provides even cooking. Some microwaves try to throw in many features, buttons and dials to overcomplicate life, but the Morphy Richards is simple and effective. 

One dial lets you set the power from one of five levels, with a defrost option to speed up food preparation. The other sets the time or weight (for defrosting), then all you have to do is wait for the bing at the end of cooking. 



  • Looks good in most kitchen designs
  • Simple no-fuss user design


  • Bet it still has an annoying beep


4.7 out of 5 based on 557 reviews

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