While the marketing hype for 4K TVs continues, many consumers remain happily in the HD era, without the content or need for a 4K screen. Even so, many buyers are on the lookout for larger or thinner HD-class screens, and there are still plenty of models to drive sales like LG’s 43-inch LM6300 at a great price. 

Key Features

  • HDMI ports 
  • Screen size: 43 inches.
  • Type: LED TV Screen.
  • Size of TV with stand: H62.3, W97.3, D21.6cm.
  • Full HD (1080p) display resolution.
  • Motion rate 1000PMR.
  • Viewing angle 176/176 degrees.
  • Virtual surround sound system.
  • 20 watt RMS power output.

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LG’s screens are renowned for their fast-and-smooth webOS interface to access digital services, and the high quality and performance of their display. Buyers looking for that more movie-like immersion or to feel closer to sports are buying ever-larger screens, with 43-inches a popular choice. 

Even though this LG screen is a 2019 model, it remains at the higher-end of desirable HD screens with great clarity and vibrance. It has three 2.0 HMDI ports, active high-dynamic-range (HDR) technology and a quad-core image processor to deliver bright, sharp images. 

Further supporting users with traditional setups, it features an SP-DIF connector for optical audio hardware like a soundbar or a surround sound system. Composite and coax connections support older inputs and there are two USB inputs for digital media. Network connectivity comes in the form of built in Wi-Fi, an Ethernet connection and Bluetooth. You can use USB storage to record shows if you don’t have a PVR or smart cable box. 

When set up with the stand, the screen’s 43-inches has a thin bezel with overall dimensions of 62.3cm high, 97.3cm wide and, D21.6cm deep. It weighs 8 kilos and comes with a 1.5-meter power lead.

The 1080p LED TV screen is rated at 1000PMR with a solid 176/176 degree viewing angle. The visual performance is backed up by 20 watt RMS power output with the usual virtual surround sound system. In most homes that is plenty for a top-quality viewing and listening experience, with the option to boost the audio with a soundbar. 

The TV can also be controlled by using LG’s own Thinq AI smart home service, or your existing devices like an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant if you like that smart home concept. While the webOS interface provides access to apps like Netflix, Disney+ and YouTube, and other on-demand services. 


Hard to beat at this price and will serve you well into the future until you feel the need for a 4K screen or to go to another size up. 


  • Gorgeous display and features at a great price


  • This model is exclusive to Argos so you can’t shop around


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