While most vacuum cleaners go for technology or modern stylings, Henry keeps on providing a smile every time you bring him out of the cupboard. 

Key Features

  • Weight 7.5kg.
  • Size H34.5, W32, D34cm.
  • Side suction for edge-to-edge cleaning.
  • Adjustable floorhead and mattress, crevice, upholstery and combo nozzles with dusting brush.
  • 2.2m hose.

One step down: Go bagless for less and see the dirt whirl around

Bush Multi Cyclonic Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner (£59)

Next step up: Henry’s cousin George does wet and dry cleaning

George GVE 370-2 Wet and Dry Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner (£249)


The much-loved Henry continues to fight against the trend for super-modern looks in every home gadget. We don’t all need fridges with screens, talking speakers or vacuums that could fight alien space wars. And Henry is made in the UK, so buyers support British business. 

Instead, Henry gobbles up the dirt with a large range of nozzles into his huge storage bin, something most of his more-tech-savvy rivals skimp on. Henry’s makers claim there’s up to five times the storage of bagless rivals, which means less emptying and more cleaning. 

Of course, there is the need to change bags, but that’s not messy with Henry’s mess-free HepaFlo bags with self-sealing tabs so all the dust stays in the bag. Cleaning is easy too, with the Combi Floor Tool to switch between carpets or rugs and hard floors. 

And as he is mains-only there’s no need to worry about running out of power or recharging the little fella. Henry is also quieter than many of the cyclone-style cleaners in the noise stakes. If there is one quibble he only comes with a two-year guarantee, while most vacuums come with three- or five years of peace of mind. 



  • Endless cleaning power with a smile and plenty of dirt capacity


  • Not bagless if that’s an issue, but easy enough to keep a stock handy


4.9 out of 5 based on 3,186 reviews

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